Issues & Priorities

Madison politicians have done a great job looking out for the special interests and wealthy corporations that fund their campaigns, but rural families like mine haven't benefited from being "trickled-down" upon.

It's well past time for a new approach and new priorities that put the people of Northern Wisconsin first.

Healthcare is a right.

  • I support all efforts to make sure every Wisconsinite gets the quality healthcare they need, including mental health, addiction treatment, and reproductive healthcare.
  • I will fight for true universal, single-payer healthcare. So many other countries with less wealth than we have already provide this to their people. Our system has failed us, and the solution is right in front of our face.
    • Tying healthcare to one's employment status is arbitrary and absurd. If everyone has single-payer healthcare, businesses win too since they'll no longer have to deal with the time and expense of providing health insurance. It will also give individuals the freedom to start their own businesses without fear of losing coverage.
  • As we've seen in DC, meaningful reform of our healthcare system probably won't happen overnight. While I'm advocating for single-payer, I will also support these interim steps:
    • Take the Federal Medicaid Expansion to immediately cover about 80,000 more low-income Wisconsinites and save taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars.
    • Prohibit insurance companies from denying coverage or raising premiums based on pre-existing conditions or lack of prior insurance coverage.
    • Offer BadgerCare as a "public option" to drive down costs.

Working Families & the Rural Economy

  • Anyone who is working full-time at any job needs to be able to support their family.
  • Restore collective bargaining rights to all workers, public and private, for better wages and working conditions. This includes repealing both Act 10 and "Right to Work for Less."
  • Support small and new businesses and small farms
  • Invest in improving our roads and building out broadband access to every home and business

Public Education

  • Increase state funding for public E-12 schools
  • Stop taking public funds to pay for private school vouchers
  • Restore collective bargaining for public teachers
  • Invest in UW system and technical colleges

Government Reform

  • Eliminate any and all restrictions on the right to vote - especially voter ID laws in Wisconsin
  • End gerrymandering – on both sides!  Independent, nonpartisan redistricting committees.
  • Overturn Citizens United and eliminate the corrupting influence of undisclosed "dark money."

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